Archdeacon for Indigenous Ministry
The Ven. Travis Enright

The Ven. Travis Enright is involved in both the diocesan liaison work with the Aboriginal community of Edmonton and within the Anglican Church of Canada. He helped develop the Standing Stones sacred gatherings and is is an eloquent and provocative voice advocating for reconciliation and a living faith. He also co-chaired the Regional Advisory Committee for the Alberta Event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission held in Edmonton March 27-30, 2014.

Aboriginal and Rural Communities Liaison
Fiona Brownlee

Fiona Brownlee has spent most of her life in rural Canada, is deeply connected to the life of the church, and has seen first hand the struggle that rural churches have to connect with their neighbouring indigenous communities. During her years working for the Council of the North in northwestern Ontario, she learned much from the indigenous leadership of those dioceses and from her indigenous friends, who shared many hard and true stories about life as an indigenous person in this country. Her hope and dream is that we can explore together what neighbourly reconciliation might look like in rural communities, remembering that Jesus calls us to love our neighbours as ourselves.

The Rev. Lori Calkins