Sharing and listening within our Anglican family is the first pillar. Since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Alberta Event, we have facilitated many workshops, often incorporating the KAIROS Blanket Exercise. The purpose is to educate people regarding the strengths of Indigenous cultures and the positive results of walking in good relationship.


Continuing to organize listening circles is part of reconciliation. These took place at the TRC. Currently there are three regional centers of conversation and healing; St. Faith in Edmonton, Immanuel in Wetaskiwin, and St. John the Evangelist in Cold Lake. Reconciliation also continues by consultations with Indigenous Elders.


The third Anglican pillar of Indigenous Ministries is mission. Essentially this is bridging communities: Indigenous and Anglican. One focus will be creating spaces and communities of hope for Indigenous peoples. The goal is to facilitate our becoming a newly restored people strengthened by gifts each has been given by the Creator. We have been intentional in providing ceremony and prayer of hope in an Indigenous context. With the development of Standing Stones, and the ongoing work to develop other sacramental liturgies, including funeral, baptism and wedding, we have been walking with our Indigenous siblings through many sacred moments.