Administrator-designate, the Very Rev. Alex Meek, will convene the first meeting the Diocesan Search Committee within a few days of its creation at the March 18, 2021 Executive Council meeting.  

At its first meeting, the Search Committee elects a chair, appoints a secretary and decides its procedures (Provincial Canon 9.09). The Committee should also set a timeline for its various tasks; decide what will constitute a quorum; establish a meeting schedule and what each meeting will be meant to accomplish.  

Throughout the process the Committee should maintain a close liaison with the Metropolitan, the Administrator and the Diocesan Chancellor.

This year it is likely all meetings will be held virtually, including by telephone.

Once it gets started, the Search Committee has four main functions:

  1. Create a set of “local requirements” for candidates based on input from the diocese. These make the difference between anyone who might be qualified to be a bishop, and the bishop we feel is specifically called to our diocese at this time.
  2. Receive proposals of persons who would like to be or are willing to be nominated.
  3. Ensure that the people whose names are put forward meet the canonical requirements and “local requirements.”
  4. Prepare information concerning the candidates which will be communicated to Members of Synod.