The Social Justice Committee of the diocese:

  • provides education, encouragement, awareness and understanding of the theology of social justice and its biblical foundations
  • provides assistance to parishes in the area of social justice by offering encouragement, resource materials and personal help
  • connects diocesan social justice activities with activities of similar bodies in the National Church, in other dioceses and in other churches and faith communities

Our committee is comprised of the following souls:

  • Jordan Ware, co-chair
  • Dorothy Marshall, co-chair
  • Ian Bowden, communications/website
  • Nick Trussell
  • Gail Milard
  • Mary Lou Cleveland
  • Rob Betty
  • Mark Vigrass
  • Jonathan Crane
  • Clark Hardy
  • Jim Gurnett
  • Bella Asiri
  • Michelle Nieviadomy

If you have or know of a resource that you think we should link to, please let Ian know.